The Art of Writing: Story Structure

It’s an accepted truism that anybody can write or tell a story. However, not everybody can tell a good story, one that engages the listener (or reader) and makes us want to know more. Writing a good story requires at the very least a basic understanding of a few simple rules and guidelines for constructing a story, as well as an imaginative and interesting subject for that story. In the case of the latter (the subject) there aren’t really any hard and fast rules and every writer will have their own approach to generating the ideas for their stories. However, the technical aspects of storytelling are fairly straightforward, even if they can take a lifetime to master.

In this article I want to take a look at the basic building blocks of a story’s structure, the essential elements that are the basis of almost every short story or novel you will ever read and which will form the foundation on which you will later build your narrative structure.

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Projects And Procrastinations

So a couple of times now I’ve mentioned my current work in progress without saying all that much about what the project is. Regular readers will know that it’s called Hunter’s Moon, and the keen-eyed amongst you will have already noticed that it’s been added to the category tree on the left, but in terms of actual details I admit that I’ve been a little tight-lipped. Well, today I intend to break the silence and give you all a little more information about the project that’s currently taking up most of m writing time.

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Now With Added eBooks

Today I am pleased to announce that I now have the ability to construct both ePub and mobi formatted ebooks, and as a result I have started to add free downloadable versions of my short stories to the Short Fiction page. As of writing this post I’ve uploaded three stories in both formats, and hope to have the rest done over the next day or two. Once I’ve finished making the files for each of the individual stories I’m also considering doing a single anthology containing all of the stories I’ve posted so far, and may even throw in a few that haven’t been seen outside my social circle.

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The State Of The Onion

It’s been a long while since I posted anything on here other than my monthly reading lists, though regular (or even occasional) visitors to this and my many former blogs won’t be all that surprised by this state of affairs. For those of you who are still keeping tabs on what I’m up to I thought I’d better stick my head up above the parapet and give a little update.

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