The Art Of Writing: Building An Outline

In the first article of this series I spoke about the importance of structure and the four main building blocks of any story. This time I want to talk about how to take those building blocks and use them to create an effective outline, starting from a single sentence and eventually building up to a fully realised beat-by-beat breakdown of your story or novel.

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All Change

So I was looking at my website the other day and I suddenly realised that it needed a bit of an overhaul. The theme that I was using was no longer as pleasing to the eye as I originally thought and to be blunt it was starting to look a little bit ‘last year’ to me. So I decided to give the place a new theme and move a few things around.

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Books Read – July 2014

There are eleven titles on my list of books read this month, which is less than I’ve been racking up just recently but I think that’s still a goodly number. It puts me on sixty-nine books read for the year, which apparently identifies me as a ‘heavy reader’. I have to admit that compared to most of my friends I do read a lot, though I’m not the most prolific reader within my (admittedly limited) social circle. As I mentioned last month, I just have a lot of spare time travelling to and from work five days a week. What else should I do with my time?

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