Book Review: Between Two Thorns

Between Two Thorns (The Split Worlds)Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this book up out of curiosity, and I have to say I was more than a little pleased with it. The basic premise is that there are two interconnected worlds, the normal everyday world of Mundanus (i.e. our world) and the faerie prison of Exilium, and in between both is the realm of the Nether, where those mortals touched by fae magic live out their somewhat prolonged and anachronistic lives.

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Book Review: Kindred

KindredKindred by Octavia E. Butler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kindred is a dark and deeply disturbing novel that predominantly explores the lives of slaves in the antebellum South through the eyes of a time-travelling protagonist. The fact that this protagonist, Dana, is a woman of colour from the 1970s allows Butler to show a strong juxtaposition between the world that Dana knows and the world she finds herself unwittingly thrust into.

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Paying The Price

So recently I’ve been thinking about the price of ebooks, and I have a few thoughts I’d like to share with you, if I may.

Within the last twelve months the Big 5 publishers have all negotiated new deals with the major booksellers that basically means the resellers have to sell ebooks at a fixed price determined by the publishers themselves, and effectively stops the resellers from offering any sort of discount on ebooks. This has led, in turn, to a gradual increase in the average price of ebooks through most resellers, with the Big 5 published books showing the highest price rise.

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Book Review: Plague Town

Plague Town: An Ashley Parker NovelPlague Town: An Ashley Parker Novel by Dana Fredsti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I received a free, signed copy of this and the other two books in the series at a local reading the author did. While I’ve tried to keep this review honest I do understand that it’s considered good form to be up-front about these things.

I don’t normally read zombie fiction. I do like the occasional zombie movie, and absolutely loved the Evil Dead series (who doesn’t love Bruce Campbell?), but when it comes to books about the zombie apocalypse I generally to find them a bit ‘meh’. However, this one has me thinking maybe I should re-examine the genre.

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