A troop of 10mm dwarves from Pendraken Miniatures

Alive And Kicking

I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything on here, but the simple truth is there’s not been all that much to say. Life has been rolling on as usual, and generally speaking not a lot has changed since last time I posted.

Wargaming and painting wise not a lot’s happened since the New Year. I’ve been a little wrapped up in other things and not really had much motivation to wield the old paint brush, so the various projects I was working on have pretty much been left alone. The good news is that over the next month I’ll be moving to a new house, and I’m hoping to use that as an excuse to get painting again. I’ve also heard back from an old friend who has a half-painted dwarf army (it’s one I started painting for him about a decade ago), so all being well I will be throwing a bit of paint at the old toy soldiers in the not too distant future.

Speaking of miniatures, I’m currently waiting on delivery of some minis from a couple of Kickstarters I recently backed, specifically a handful of figures from the Diehard Miniatures range (including the absolutely amazing-looking Son of Slomm), and a full set of Heroines in Sensible Shoes from Oathsworn Miniatures. I’m genuinely looking forward to painting all of these minis, and will be adding pics to the galleries on here as they’re finished.

In other news, I’ve returned to tabletop role-playing and joined a regular gaming group. We’re currently playing through the Pendragon Grand Campaign, though at some point in the unspecified future I’m almost certainly going to be running a Classic Runequest (RQII) game. This for me will bring my role-playing full circle, as RQII was the first ever role-playing game I played, all the way back in the early-mid eighties.

So there we go, not a lot has changed, and not a lot to report. I guess I just wanted to get some words on the screen to let people know I am still alive and kicking. I’ll try to get back with something more substantial soon.


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