Little Tales, Big Dreams

Things are slowly returning to something resembling normalcy here, so I thought I’d take the time to do a little work on the site while my good mood lasts.

Observant readers will have already noticed the new link added to the menu at the top of the screen, but for those who haven’t spotted it yet I’ve now added a dedicated Short Fiction page to the site. Here you will find a small selection of my old short stories and flash fiction, with plans to add more over the next few days. For now they can only be read through the site but I’m hoping to make downloadable Kindle versions available fairly soon and if I can get to grips with ePub creation, versions for other e-Readers will also be added in the not-too-distant future. Over time I’ll also start posting new stories to the site, though given that my energies are currently focused on Faded Skies and Shadowman it may be a few months before the first of the new stuff appears.

Speaking of my two main projects, I have to admit to a certain amount of laxity on that score. My word count for Faded Skies hasn’t grown much beyond the fifty thousand I had back in August, and aside from tapping out a few plot-structures I’ve done virtually nothing on Shadowman at all. However, I do still hope to have the former finished before the end of the year, and to that end I’m planning on locking myself away in a quiet room for a lot of the weekend with my laptop, some inspirational music and an olympic swimming pool sized pot full of strong, black coffee. As for the latter of the two projects, I’m hoping to have more news about that towards the back-end of next week.

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