Books Read – September 2013

I’ve racked up a decent number of books read this month, with a definite move away from the science fiction heavy reading of the last few months. A few of the books on this month’s list are ones I’ve read before, but for the most part they’ve either been recommended to me by friends or have been recommended by Amazon based on my purchasing history and I’m pleased to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them. So without further ado, here’s my reading round-up for the month of September, 2013.

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Predictions – Writing The Future (reprise)

As a science fiction writer one of things I have to be careful about is making my future worlds believable to my readers. This is particularly true when writing about the near future, as with the Faded Skies series, though even galaxy-spanning tales of the far future need to have a certain ring of truth about them in order to maintain an appropriate degree of suspension of disbelief. This doesn’t just mean getting the technology and science right, but also relies on making believably accurate claims about changes to the political and social landscape of the story’s setting.

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