Predictions: Writing The Future (reprise)

As a science fiction writer one of things I have to be careful about is making my future worlds believable to my readers. This is particularly true when writing about the near future, as with the Faded Skies series, though even galaxy-spanning tales of the far future need to have a certain ring of truth about them in order to maintain an appropriate degree of suspension of disbelief. This doesn’t just mean getting the technology and science right, but also relies on making believably accurate claims about changes to the political and social landscape of the story’s setting.

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Science Fiction: Serious Literature or Commercial Pulp?

One of the arguments I regularly hear from the literati is that science fiction doesn’t count as ‘serious’ literature, usually backed up by the claims that sci-fi is nothing more than a pot-boiling thriller set in space, or that sci-fi doesn’t carry some deep and meaningful message like serious literature does. I’ve even heard all science fiction referred to as “cheap trash with absolutely no literary merit whatsoever”, and when I’m exposed to such uninformed assertions I can’t help but be incensed. Now, given that I’m a sci-fi writer myself you could be forgiven for thinking this is just a knee-jerk reaction, but I truly believe that science fiction (or any other genre fiction, for that matter) can have a place alongside serious literature.

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