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SciFiMonth 2020: Because the Future is Awesome

As you’ve probably noticed things have been a bit quiet around here for the last few months. I’ve built up a backlog of book reviews that I really need to get written, and aside from the recent post for The Campaign Cast there hasn’t been a new post on this here blog thing since April. Well, that’s going to change, because I’ve decided to join in with #SciFiMonth 2020, running throughout November.

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Ten of the Best: Space Opera

Welcome to Ten of the Best, a semi-regular series of articles where I discuss ten of my favourite examples of various science fiction and fantasy subgenres. The plan is to add a new post to this series every couple of months and hopefully provide regular visitors with some new recommendations for books, series or authors they may not have come across before. Of course, it goes without saying that these lists are entirely subjective and entirely based on my own reading history at the time they’re compiled, and as a result they may be subject to change at some unspecified point in the future.

To get the ball rolling I’d like to start with the subgenre that represents my original introduction to science fiction and fantasy: Space Opera.

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Welcome to the Hugo Retrospectives

Welcome to the Hugo Retrospectives. This is going to be a series of monthly reviews and discussions focusing on the winners of the Hugo Award for Best Novel starting with the first recipient way back in 1953 and following on with each winner in turn up to the present day. The plan is to gradually build up a modern look at past winners with a view to identifying what made them award-worthy in the first place, and how they’d fare against today’s genre releases.

But what exactly are the Hugo Awards?

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Ten of the Best: 2019

It’s been a ridiculously good year for fantasy and science fiction books this year, with a lot of seriously deserving titles hitting the shelves. According to my Goodreads stats I’ve managed to pour twenty-three of those books into my eyes over the course of the last twelve months, and in most cases I’ve enjoyed them enough to award them four or more stars. There have been a couple of not-so-great titles, but they really are the exceptions for me this year, which means either I’m very easily pleased by the written word, or the quality of new genre fiction is improving. Personally I’m inclined to say it’s a bit of both.

Anyway, of the twenty-some new titles I’ve read this year, here are my ten favourites, in no particular order.

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Forthcoming Books: November 2019

It’s that time of year where the nights are getting longer than the days and curling up next to a roaring log fire with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book starts to sound a lot like heaven, so it’s hardly surprising I’ve already got more than a few page-turners bookmarked for late-Autumn reading. To add to the small pile that’s slowly forming next to my comfy chair, here are five books coming out in November that I’m particularly eager to get my hands on.

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