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They’d Rather Be Right: A Hugo Retrospective

The second Annual Science Fiction Achievement Awards actually took place two years after the first at The Clevention in Cleveland, though history doesn’t record why the committee of SFCon in 1954 chose not to include the awards on their program. The awards this year were once again chosen by ballot, and once again there was only a single round of voting so no shortlist, though this time around the vote wasn’t just limited to attendees but was open to anyone who could get their hands on a ballot, a practice which continued through until 1959.

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The Demolished Man: A Hugo Retrospective

In 1953, the attendees and members of the eleventh World Science Fiction Convention (aka The 11th WorldCon, or Philcon II) were asked to do something they’d never done before: to vote for the writers, editors, artists and fans they felt had distinguished themselves in the past year with awards to be given at the First Annual Science Fiction Achievement Awards. And thus was born the spectacle we now know as the Hugo Awards.

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Welcome to the Hugo Retrospectives

Welcome to the Hugo Retrospectives. This is going to be a series of monthly reviews and discussions focusing on the winners of the Hugo Award for Best Novel starting with the first recipient way back in 1953 and following on with each winner in turn up to the present day. The plan is to gradually build up a modern look at past winners with a view to identifying what made them award-worthy in the first place, and how they’d fare against today’s genre releases.

But what exactly are the Hugo Awards?

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