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Articles about old-school wargaming in the Warhammer Fantasy world.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

When I was first introduced to the wonderful world of wargaming back in the mid-eighties, I found myself immediately at a disadvantage against everyone else in my gaming group. Mainly this was because they’d all been collecting figures and wargaming for a while, whereas I was only just coming into the hobby, so I was basically starting from scratch. However, this did give me one advantage; I already knew which armies every one else would be fielding when I got around to choosing mine.

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Warhammer 1st Edition: Where It All Began

Looking around the interwebs at the current state of tabletop wargaming, it’s hard to believe that much of what’s now available essentially owes it’s existence to the birth of just one game: Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Back in the early eighties, most tabletop wargaming took the form of simulations of historical battles, but with the introduction of Warhammer a new form of tabletop wargaming gained traction with the wargaming fans. Now, thirty years later, fantasy and science fiction wargaming seem to be thick on the ground, with dozens of game systems and miniature ranges to choose from. In this article, I’m going to be takin a look at the first ever edition of the game that would eventually change the face of tabletop wargaming for ever: Warhammer.

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