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Each Thing In Its Own Time

Contrary to the impression you may have gotten, I’ve not yet abandoned this site, and I am still here in some small way. I just haven’t really had the inclination or the energy to put finger to keyboard recently and as a result these pages have stagnated slightly. The same is true of my book reviews over on GoodReads, so my apologies to all who frequent this little corner of the web.

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The Art Of Writing: Talking Dialogue

So far in the Art Of Writing we’ve looked at structure, outlining and characters. In this article we’re going to examine the use of dialogue, and how to make it an effective part of the story. This will include discussing the use of dialogue tags and ways in which not using dialogue can be just as effective as when you do use it. We’ll also take a look at how to frame dialogue in such a way as to make it a part of the action, and not just a way of dumping information on the reader.

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Taking It Seriously

On the wall above my writing desk I have two pieces of motivational advice that I printed out a few years ago. They both basically say the same thing: that to be a writer you need to act like one. Up until now they’ve just been bits of paper that I occasionally look at and think, ‘I really should pay more attention to those,’ but as of last Thursday I’ve actually started to take the wisdom they impart to heart.

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