A Sense Of Achievement

After a bit of a rocky start, this week has turned out to be a good week for writing. I’ve finally managed to design a cover for the anthology, as well as finalising the page-setting and getting around to compiling the print-ready files. Everything has now been uploaded to Lulu and I’ve ordered enough copies to give away to the relevant people in my life.

Now, even though I know this project is not going to make even the smallest amount of difference to my career as a writer it still feels good to know that it’s finished, and I have no doubt that when the half-dozen copies I’ve ordered arrive I’ll get a tiny little thrill at seeing the physical product in the flesh, as it were. It will be my work, made by me and compiled and prepared by me. Even though it’s never going to make me any money or gain me international stardom it’s still something I’ve done, and that makes it special to me.

Perhaps it’s this thrill, this sense of having achieved something, that makes writing so attractive for me. I’m the first to admit that I tend to need a lot of validation and encouragement, and in part that’s exactly what I get from holding a book in my hands that I’ve made. Even if no-one else tells me it’s good, even if no-one else offers any words of support or encouragement along the way, that one bundle of paper and ink tells me that I’ve done something good. It’s a nice feeling, and one I’d like to feel again and again in the future.

Of course, I still want to make money out of this crazy industry called publishing, and to do that I need to write books that have some form of commercial appeal. This is why the next project I’ll be having these same feelings for will be the first Faded Skies novel. So I guess I’d better knuckle under and get that damned thing written.


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