Absent Without Leave

Other than posting my monthly lists of books read I’ve been absent from this blog for a short while, though I assure you it’s all in a good cause. I’ve been busy with a number of projects, some writing related, some not so much, and as a result I haven’t had all that much time spare to keep this place in good order. Ho hum.

On the writing side of things I’ve been getting bogged down in the Jacob Moon books, chipping away at the word count here, sinking myself into research there, and generally keeping the flame just alive enough to not lose sight of the goal. I’ve now fleshed out all six books of the first series, and jotted down a few ideas for a second series. I may even have enough material for a third series and possibly even a spin-off, though that remains to be seen. Along the way I’ve put together a sizeable chunk of research material on a wide range of topics related to the supernatural and occult, as well as a decent amount of information on the American West circa 1890-1900. All good stuff, and hopefully I’ll be able to use a fair amount of it as supplementary material both here on this site and as appendices in the books themselves.

In terms of getting the manuscripts finished, critiqued and beta-read I’m still planning on taking the route outlined a few posts ago, though after reading various posts from other indie writers recently I’ve decided that ideally I want to be able to publish the entire first series in as short a space of time as possible. For this to work properly I need to have all six books finished and ready to go before I even think about making the first one available. I also need to get my ass back over the Scribophile at some point in order to make as many critiques as possible so that I can save up the karma points necessary to be able to start posting my own work to the community for their feedback. That’s something I’m going to make a genuine and serious effort to get started on this weekend. Promise.

In other news, I’ve also started a home learning course in bookkeeping. Partially this is because I want to better myself, partially it’s so I can sort out my own self-assessments and accounts if and when I start actually selling books, but mainly it’s to make my day job easier. In the last year I’ve been given more and more responsibility for admin and bookkeeping for the company I work for, despite the fact that I have next to no background in that type of work. Fortunately I do have good organisational skills and a good grasp of basic math, so I’ve been able to muddle though for the most part but just recently I realised I needed to know more if I’m going to do the job properly. Hence the course. So far it’s going well, and the way things are going I should have the course well and truly under my belt within a few months.

And finally there’s the Art of Writing articles I’ve been working on. I know I promised a fourth one concerning dialogue at some point, and I do plan on getting that finished and posted soon, but as it stands I’m not going to say when that will happen. Just that it will happen.

So there it is. Hopefully it won’t be another two months before I make another non-reading related post, but no guarantees.


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