Another Step On The Road

After my post on Friday I have a confession to make. My motivation has waned and my routine has suffered as a result. To be fair it’s not entirely my fault, what with being quite under-the-weather on Saturday, a social engagement on Sunday and a medical appointment all the way down in  London yesterday all colluding to keep me away from my keyboard. So, it’s been a quiet few days for writing. That said, it’s not been a complete loss.

I’ve managed to sort out a bit more of the background and research material for Faded Skies 1, mainly focusing on the area of androids and AIs this time. I’ve also done some more work on the prison design for the opening of the book and compiled a few maps of the main locations mentioned in the narrative. I’ve been toying with the idea of including some (or possibly even all) of the maps in the book though I’m not going to make a final decision on that until I’m closer to publication.

Speaking of publication, I still haven’t come up with a useable cover design for the anthology. With it being for private consumption only it doesn’t have to be spectacular, but as I’ve already decided I want to do all my own covers I can’t ignore the fact that this one will be good practice for future projects. If nothing else it will give me a chance to once again load up Photoshop and brush off a little rust.

I’ve also been in touch with the IRS in America to get myself a Tax Identification Number. Apparently I need one of these for when I start making money in order to avoid paying 30% tax on US sales of my work, so this morning I called them up and within ten minutes I had the relevant number. No muss, no fuss.

And that’s it for this update. I’ll be back again soon with more exciting news but until then have fun and try not to get into trouble.

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