If Only It Were That Easy

Last time I left some words here that weren’t related to book reviews I made a bit of noise about how if I wanted to be a proper writer I had to start acting like one. You know, stuff like actually writing words and editing stuff to keep my writing circuits fresh and active. And I bet you’re all wondering how that’s going, right?

The truth is it’s not going as well as it could be, but at the same time it is going better than it could. How’s that for ambiguous?

Monday, 5 January, was my first day back at the old day job, and as a result my writing time during the week has been pretty limited (as I kind of predicted it would be). I’ve tried to keep up a steady output of new words but so far haven’t managed to meet the self-imposed target of a thousand words every day. In fact, thanks to a head cold that’s made me grumpy and unfocused for the last few days I didn’t even manage to meet that target over the weekend, but I’m not complaining because I’ve still managed to get something done. And every little counts, right?

On the editing front I have managed to do some useful rewriting on Hunter’s Moon based on critiques I got on Scribophile. I’ve not yet started doing crits of other people’s’ works, but as I’m hoping to start posting the current version of Hunter’s Moon on there soon I do plan on donning the critiquing cap sooner rather than later. Essentially I need to get into the habit of supplying at least one critique a day if I have any hopes of racking up enough karma on Scribophile to post my own works.

As for the online presence thing, well I think the post history for this site since the start of the year speaks for itself. All five of the reviews I’ve posted so far have also been posted to GoodReads and Amazon, and I’ve even had a few tweets from it. My last post picked me up a few more followers on Twitter, as well as few likes, so maybe there’s something to be said for this social media lark. On that score I’d like to send thanks out to @JeffFlees, @TheRealLyss, @MaralaScott, @ScrivenerCoach, @Daily_Shard, @TJAlexander5 and @emilyromrell for their recent follows.

So there you have it. An actual proper update about actual proper writing. I’ll leave you with a quote I came across earlier today that had me laughing out loud at work, from D. H. Lawrence, in response to receiving a rejection letter for Sons and Lovers from publisher William Heinemann in 1912:

“Curse the blasted, jelly-boned swines, the slimy, the belly-wriggling invertebrates, the miserable sodding rotters, the flaming sods, the snivelling, dribbling, dithering palsied pulse-less lot that make up England today. They’ve got white of egg in their veins, and their spunk is that watery it’s a marvel they can breed.”

A bit harsh? I’ll let you decide, but bear in mind that Sons and Lovers was published the following year and has since been welcomed as a classic of English Literature…


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