Getting Things Done

So following my comments regarding my lack of self-discipline and my need to Do Something About It, I finally got off my ass and did just that. I made a plan, I formulated a technique and I stuck to it. In the last two weeks I’ve managed to train myself into following a simple routine and as a result I’ve actually achieved stuff.

Mainly the stuff I’ve achieved has been housework and research, but along the way I’ve also managed to get some writerly things done. The work on the anthology is more or less complete, with just a little work left to do on the cover design before I upload it to Lulu. It’s still going to remain a private project but once I’ve handed out copies to all the usual suspects I’ll consider posting some of the better stories on here.

Faded Skies is also gradually taking shape. I now have a full synopsis for the first book, along with several large odt files full of notes and observations. I’ve designed a future prison, outlined a revolution, destroyed a shopping mall and redefined what it is to be human, all in the name of progress. I’m felling very comfortable with the way things are going and am confident of hitting my self-imposed deadline for book one.

In terms of the publishing side of things, I’ve been reading a variety of blogs and advice sites aimed at first time self publishers. I’ve also spent a lot of time at Joe Konrath’s blog, taking in what he has to say about marketing. I’m not expecting to replicate his success (well, not at first anyway) but it has given a boost to my own motivation to read that it is possible to live off self-published earnings.

So this week the news is pretty much all good. Of course, me being me this will probably all change before my next post but for now I’m doing the little happy dance and revelling in the sense of achievement my small success has instilled upon me.

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