Into The Light

So this week I’ve tried to make more of an effort to actually get some writing done. For the most part that’s consisted of tidying up some old notes and doing some edits on the bits and pieces I’ve already got finished (ie: mainly the first two-thirds of A Pocketful Of Secrets), but I’ve also done a little more work on the Shadowman project.

My plan to spend most of last weekend in front of the keyboard kind of fell by the wayside in the end, though in my defence part of the reason for that was celebrating my second anniversary with my partner. However, I have no excuse for wasting the rest of the weekend. Ho hum.

This weekend I’ve already done a better job of focusing on my craft. So far this morning I’ve tidied up some notes for one for one of the Shadowman stories and added approximately a thousand words to an old and incomplete short story I’m trying to finish. I’m aiming to get another two- or three-thousand words done today, and the same again tomorrow, most of which will hopefully be on Faded Skies.

I’ve also transferred the original Shadowman story, Burning Skies, from my old LiveJournal page to this site, and deleted the LiveJournal account. I hadn’t updated anything on there for a few years and I wasn’t expecting to add anything new any time soon so I figured it was better to get rid of it rather than leave it to fester. This does mean that my old Serenity/Firefly fan-fic has now been consigned to the digital afterlife, but what the hell – I made sure I had a copy saved to my hard-drive before completely killing the LJ account. (And for those who really feel the need to read everything I’ve ever written, if you ask nicely I may be tempted to make them available through the site at some point in the future. Maybe.)

As for the future, I’ve made a decision to refocus on my target of writing a thousand new words each day. This will hopefully help me finish the last third of A Pocketful of Secrets before Christmas and if nothing else will steer me back into a disciplined approach to writing, something which I’ve been lacking just recently what with one thing or another.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Time to get back to the writing, and perhaps some more coffee.

4 thoughts on “Into The Light”

  1. I hope you don;t mind me saying this again, but you do seem to spend an awful lot of time procrastinating about writing, rather than actually writing. Don’t worry though, we all do it…
    I hope you are well.

    1. Procrastinate, me? I do a bit, don’t I? I also temporise, tarry, dawdle, stall and play for time. And somewhere in amongst all that I do actually (occasionally) get things done.

      Ho hum.

  2. All of these are good as long as, following the protraction, the end result is readable. In your case it usually is.
    Happy writing.

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