Into The Shadows

As I’ve mentioned a few times already, one of my biggest flaws as a writer is an inability to stay focused on one project for long enough to finish it. Over the years this has led to a realisation that I get my best results by allowing for distractions and by working those distractions into my workflow. This in turn has developed into a tendency to have a primary project on the go, backed up by one or two secondary projects that I can switch to when my passion for the primary starts to wane. That said, this year almost all of my writerly time has been spent working on the rewrite of A Pocketful of Secrets, with mixed results so far. And so following on from my earlier discussion about the various projects I currently have gathering digital dust on my hard drive I’ve been having a think about which of those I want to take on as a secondary project alongside the work I’m doing on the reboot of Faded Skies.

I’ve finally settled on adding The Shadowman Chronicles to my project flow, mainly because the shorter story structure of that project means that even if get completely wrapped up on a single story it still won’t take my attention away from Faded Skies for so long that I forget where I was. In addition, the style and genre similarities between the two means that I don’t have to move too far away from the Faded Skies mindset when working on Shadowman and vice versa. All in all, I think this is a good choice, and after reading through my notes on Shadowman I’m genuinely looking forward to revisiting the project.

As part of the preparation I’ve already made a few notes for how to develop the material I already have available. As it stands the six plot outlines remain pretty much unchanged from how I left them two years ago, though I’m considering expanding the existing drafts to something closer to novella length as this would give me more room to develop the characters and the background. It would also make the individual stories more commercially viable, and if I’m serious about making my writing a career then as well as writing good fiction I also need to think commercially. With that in mind I’m hoping to have at least the first two Shadowman stories finished before the end of the year, with a hoped-for publication sometime in early- to mid-2014.

In the interim, work is still going ahead with Faded Skies, with my current word count topping fifty thousand words on the first draft of A Pocketful of Secrets. I admit I was hoping to have the first draft well and truly finished by now but I’m not completely disappointed with where things stand, and I’m still on target to have a finished (and hopefully publishable) product by the end of the year.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

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