Spreading My Wings

For a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a Patreon page, and I’ve been coming up with various spurious excuses why this would be a bad idea: nobody’s interested in what I do, I’ll have trouble maintaining it, I’ve not got anything worth monetising. And earlier this week I realised all of these excuses are just that – excuses.

Now that I’ve got my mojo back, now that I’m steadily producing new words on a daily basis I can actually see a future where some of those words make it into print, or on to the digital pages of ereaders, and perhaps I do finally have something people might be interested in. So what is it that’s really holding me back? I think it might be pride.

I was brought up to take care of myself as much as possible, especially financially. I’ve not always been very good at that, and have been in and out of debt a few times in my life. Right now I’m not doing too badly, despite not having a paying job, and because of this there’s a small part of me that really has trouble asking for money. Okay, maybe it’s not that small. Maybe it’s a big part of who I am. And it’s this big ol’ pride-filled part of me that sits on my shoulder telling me it would be wrong to ask people for money, especially when technically I’m still not a professional writer, when I don’t really have all that much to share.

But here’s the thing. I do have things to share. If I carry on at my current rate I’ll have a workable playtest edition of my role-playing game (sans background notes) ready within a few weeks, and a rough guide to the fantasy world I’m building a month or so after that. My work on the sci-fi novellas is still progressing, albeit slowly, and with a little bit of perseverance I’m hoping to have the first book finished and ready to go by end of March next year. The work I’ve done on these can be used to generate background articles and stand alone stories. So why not put that extra work to good use?

Which brings me back to Patreon. I follow a few authors on there, some big names, some not so big, and I figure if they can find a home there, why not me? All I have to do is tell that little pride monster to shut up and go away.

So that’s what I’m doing. As of this morning I got myself a Patreon page. Going forward I’ll be using that to share news and info about my current works in progress, along with the occasional short story or background article. I’ll still keep posting the occasional book review on here, along with my various thoughts and ramblings on life in general, but when it comes to my writing only the most general of news and info will make it on to here.

So if you like what you’ve seen from me and want to support me going forward, feel free to wander over to my Patreon page, and if you feel like pledging a dollar or two each month please know that I will love you forever and ever.

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