The State Of The Onion

It’s been a long while since I posted anything on here other than my monthly reading lists, though regular (or even occasional) visitors to this and my many former blogs won’t be all that surprised by this state of affairs. For those of you who are still keeping tabs on what I’m up to I thought I’d better stick my head up above the parapet and give a little update.

Firstly there’s the matter of my writing. That’s still going well, albeit slowly. Since February I’ve written roughly twenty-five thousand words of my current work in progress, Hunter’s Moon, and while that’s not as many as I would have liked (I was hoping to have it finished by now) it’s still better than nothing. Even without having the first book finished yet I’ve already started talking to an artist with regards to the cover art and so far he seems to be on the same wavelength as myself where ideas are concerned. I’ve also expanded on my original ideas and have settled on making it the first in a series of six novellas; I’ll be back with more news and information about this at a later date, I promise.

The main reason my work on Hunter’s Moon has been slower than it could be is because of my tendency to be too easily distracted. Partly this has been down to computer games (damn you Steam and all your interactive goodies!), but for the most part it’s been because I’ve let myself get wrapped up in a couple of other projects.

The Shadowman project that I said I was working on as a secondary project is still being developed, though it is proving to be a much more complicated endeavour than I originally thought. The biggest hurdle stems from the fact that from the start Shadowman has been planned as a graphic-heavy project, and while it’s true to say that I could farm out the artwork to a professional artist, there’s a large part of me that wants to do it all for this one. This means that at some point in the future I’m going to have to brush up on the meagre skills I have as a graphic artist and probably learn some new ones along the way. Until then, all I can really do with this one is peck slowly away at the prose until I have it finished.

I’ve also been working on some prep work for one of the other projects I mentioned in my big list of projects last August, specifically The Inheritor Wars space opera project. I’ve now identified this as a trilogy in the making, and have laid out basic outlines for each of the books. As it stands the plan is to have each book as a stand-alone story, though with a common arc running through them that tells a much bigger story when taken as a whole. The work that I’ve done so far has already given me ideas for how I can link it to my other space opera idea (Cathedral) and has also given me an idea for yet another project bridging the gap between the two. However, as Inheritor Wars is effectively a tertiary project at the moment I probably won’t make too much of an effort with the prose, and may end up setting it aside again once I’ve got as far as a detailed chapter-by-chapter treatment for it.

And last but not least where my own writing is concerned, I’ve also been playing around with the idea of some sort of serialised story. It started with the idea of producing a weekly or monthly serial on the Kindle, following the same structure as a typical TV show, and for now it is nothing more than a possible project for the future. If I decide to take it further, and assuming it is possible within the Amazon terms of service, I’ll be sure to announce it on here.

In other news I’ve been somewhat absent from Scribophile in the last month or two, mainly because of the distractions mentioned above. I do intend to spend more time on there and will make an effort to be more active with my critiques and engagement over the next few weeks. If you’re one of the people I’ve interacted with on there then please consider this my apology for being tardy.

Finally we come to the plans I have for this site. As well as continuing with the monthly reading lists and the very occasional updates on my many projects, I’ve also decided to have a go at posting some helpful advice for aspiring writers. Initially this will take the form of a series of articles discussing the art of writing, some of which will be drawn from what I can remember from my education, some drawn from the advice I’ve been given by other writers and the rest from my own observations as both a writer and a reader. That isn’t to say I consider myself some sort of expert in the craft but I’ve now been in this game for the best part of thirty years and I’d like to think I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade along the way. Hopefully the advice I give won’t be completely useless.

I’m also planning on (finally) getting around to turning my old short stories into kindle-ready files to be uploaded onto here. I may also have figured out how to turn them into ePubs as well, though I still need to run a few tests before I can confirm that with any degree of certainty. Once I have them ready to go I will of course let you know.

So there we have it, where things stand with my writing and related endeavours at this moment in time. I will try to post more regular updates from here on in but if you’ve learned anything about me by now it’s that I’m not the most consistent blogger in the world. And if you’re here reading this right now I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leading me back to yours. And good luck with finishing your book (I’ve been having the same problem with the one I’m working on now).

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