Writing a Book in a Day

So today I spent several hours in a room with a bunch of other writers, talking about the writing process and coming up with various ideas for short stories as part of the Sheffield Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers Group’s ‘Write a Book in a Day’ event, and you know what? It was actually a whole lot of fun.

The day started with a couple of talks about such diverse subjects as editing, submissions and research, and then led into a panel on what makes a good short story and why. This all pretty much filled up the morning, and after lunch there were workshops on character development, plotting and the use of body language. Once these were over and done with, we then split up into a handful of groups and spent the rest of the afternoon outlining, plotting and planning our own individual short stories set in a shared world, with the eventual plan being for us all to submit our individual stories for publication in an anthology sometime in the first half of next year.

All in all I found this to be a fun and informative event. Not only did it get me out and about (something I’ve been pretty bad at doing recently) but it also got me thinking seriously about writing again, and I came away from the event with not one but several ideas for short stories. Good times.

I think the biggest boost the event gave me was just the chance to speak with other writers face-to-face, something I don’t get many chances to do right now, and on the strength of this one event I’m seriously considering making the SSFFWG meetings a t the very least a semi-regular thing; I just need to juggle that with my weekly RP sessions on Monday.

I’ve been kind of lax where my writing’s concerned over the last twelve months. Sure, I admit that back in November last year I made a big thing about giving up on my writing altogether, but I still kept pecking away at a few ideas, made some (though not much) headway with my weird west series, and even dug out some old flash fiction that got me thinking about a much bigger space opera project. Long story short, I never really stopped writing, I just gave it much less attention for a while.

Anyway, that was my day. I’m going to hit the hay now, and tomorrow I’m going to see if I can spawn a thousand words or two for this new and exciting project.

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