The Art Of Writing

This is an occasional series of articles exploring the techniques and craft of writing. If you’re new to the idea of creative writing, wanting some pointers on how to get started on writing your masterpiece or just want to get a fresh view on a specific part of the writing process then hopefully you’ll find some or all of these articles helpful.

The Art of Writing: Story Structure

Part One: Story Structure – in which we examine the four basic building blocks of most stories, and how they are used to build the basic structure of a story.

Part Two: Building An Outline – in which we discuss how to create an effective story outline from which we can then write our first draft.

Part Three: Character Sketches – in which we take a look at how to create an effective character sketch, including his/her background, history, personality and physical appearance.

Part Four: Talking Dialogue – in which we discuss ways of making the most out of your dialogue, and keeping it strong and readable.

Part Five: Know What You Write – [coming soon]

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