Echoes of War by Steven Poore

Echoes of War by Steven Poore
Echoes of War by Steven Poore. This edition Self Published, 2010

Where do I start with Echoes of War? Well, for such a small book, it certainly packs a lot into its 150 pages.

This is the first in a series of (so far) six books, and right from the start it drops you into a rapidly unfolding tale of intrigue, espionage, politics, derring-do, and explosive space battles. Weaving together four main threads, the narrative builds on itself from chapter to chapter, gradually showing us a galaxy on the cusp of war, while at the same time giving us a slew of conspiracies and mysteries to chew on as we try to work out who’s stabbing who in the back and why.

Stylistically, there are shades of Golden Age adventure sci-fi in here, along with some classic space opera tropes that fit in nicely. But there’s also a strong thread of modern storytelling thrown into the mix, presenting the reader with multiple points of view on a well-realised setting that, one suspects, owes more than a little of its DNA to a certain tabletop sci-fi role-playing game.

This isn’t a book to read if you like your narratives all tied up in a bow, with all the threads resolved by the time you turn the last page. The fact it ends on something of a cliffhanger should give you a sense of what you’re letting yourself in for. But given that all six books currently available in the series weigh in at roughly 150 pages each, if you’re looking for some meaty space opera to sink your teeth into, I’d definitely say give it a chance.

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