Plague Nation by Dana Fredsti

Plague Nation by Dana Fredsti
Plague Nation by Dana Fredsti. This edition Titan Books, 2013

Disclaimer: I received a free, signed copy of this and the other two books in the series at a local reading the author did. While I’ve tried to keep this review honest I do understand that it’s considered good form to be up-front about these things.

Plague Nation is the second book in Dana Fredsti’s Ashley Parker trilogy. It follows on almost directly from where the first book left off, with Ashley and the rest of the wildcards mopping up the last of the zombies infesting Redwood Grove.

When the group’s home base is sabotaged, the wildcards are forced to relocate, leading to a cross-country dash through hordes of hungry zombies, hounded along the way by unknown bad guys determined to stop them from achieving their goals.

As with the first book, the narrative is a heady mix of attitude, pop-culture humour and plenty of zombie-related action, and at no point does the author let up. I enjoyed this one as much as the first, and f you’ve already read the first then do yourself a favour and read this one as well.

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